She used to be a coastal passenger and cargo ship, now she's a "house", but if you bought her, you could use her for whatever you want.

The 112 year old ferry, currently named Yankee, was built in Philadelphia as Dida in 1907.  Between 1907 and 1913, she was owned by the Casco Bay and Harpswell Line, and carried passengers and cargo around Casco Bay.  After that, she was sold to a ferry line in Boston, spent time as a military troop transport, and even transported immigrants from Ellis Island to Manhattan.

The Yankee is also on the Registry of Historic Places.

If you were to purchase the vessel, you could use her for practically anything.  A residence, hotel, restaurant, harbor / river cruise ship.

The current price is $2.37 million, but she has been on the market for awhile.  Maybe they'd take less?  Get more details at the MacKenzie-Childs website


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