My oldest Dylan, who is 13, is on the bubble for trick or treating. Instead of going out last night he along with Vikki, Justin and Justin's friend Jacob came to the 92 Moose Halloween Party. Dylan helped me, LJ and Casey at the costume contest booth. We had a blast.

As I said, Dylan is 13, so instead of "trick or treating" my wife and I told the kids we'd buy candy. We went hunting for 50% Halloween candy this morning. You have to be very careful when you're on your search. We had to get baby wipes and diapers as well so we went to a major department store. Better price check your candy, they had all of the mini candies all together, some were on sale, some were not. Very confusing but we used an in-store price checker and weeded through the bags that weren't.  Our grocery store had all of the 50% off Halloween candy in one place and it was clearly marked in green and orange tags. Maybe we went a bit crazy, but we're stocked for awhile and Christmas is coming.

The moral, just because it's there in front of you doesn't mean you're saving.