March 15. It’s quite the day for things to talk about both currently happening and in history. Of course, as you’ve seen it is Maine’s 193rd birthday. On this day back in 1820 we said, "bye" to Massachusetts and became the 23rd state. We may have split from the Bay State, but we still love their sports teams, Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and I assume even a few like the New England Revolution.

Also on March 15, back in 1985, the first domain name was registered, They were a computer company that soon after was gobbled up by another. So, yes today, 28 years ago the world was introduced to the first ever official 'dot com.'

Third and finally, March 15 is the 'Ides of March.' The day Julius Caesar was murdered. That was in 44 BC. That’s a long time ago. Math, please don’t fail me now... 2057 years ago?