There are many topics that won't go away in the realm of politics and raising the minimum wage is one. The question iswhether to, how to or to how much we should raise the minimum wage is constant. Now, voters may have their say in 2016.

On the ballot in 2016, voters could be asked if they want to raise the minimum wage from where it sits now at $7.50 an hour to $12 an hour incrementally over the next five years. The first raise would be in 2017 when it would go up to $9 an hour, then a dollar every year after until 2020.

The referendum push is being headed by the Maine AFL-CIO and Maine People’s Alliance. (MPA).

According to the MPA, a living wage for a single adult in Maine is $15.82 an hour.

Similar wage hikes would be in the question for servers and tipped workers incrementally bringing them up to non tipped employees rates by 2024.

Before the question can hit the ballot, 60,000 signatures are need.

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