A couple of things are planned that are sure things. We WILL have our Christmas Eve Day Moose Morning Show, I WILL give Renee her gift and I WILL be broadcasting at Kennebec Savings Bank in Augusta at noon as President Mark Johnston plays Christmas tunes on the baby grand whilst people sing. Beyond that, the WILLS turn to MIGHTS...

For this to be a perfect Christmas Eve, things in the MIGHT category need to move to the WILL category but that remains to be seen.

We MIGHT go to Gardiner to see my friend Grant Pare's giant holiday display on West Street.  It's been a tradition for forty years and I've not seen it.  This will be the last year he does it.

We MIGHT go sit in front of Dr. Zee's display on State Street in Augusta for a while, listening to the tunes on the radio and watching his beautiful office building flash to the music.

We MIGHT have a Christmas Eve fireworks display with the family (and maybe neighbors) if I can get to Pyro City before they close today.

We MIGHT watch It's A Wonderful Life before bed time if Marie Anne (who worked all last night) and I can stay awake.

Actually, whatever happens, so long as it can be spent with the ones you love, this is sure to be a perfect Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas.