I touched on this about a week ago, MTV for example being more about young programming than music. It’s not just MTV.

A&E which stands for Arts & Entertainment has nothing artistic on their airwaves anymore. Intervention, Storage Wars, Dog the Bounty Hunter and other shows I’m forgetting.

TLC, The Learning Channel used to carry shows that taught you. Now they run shows featuring large families, small families, hoarding, child beauty pageants and alike.

History isn’t much better, Ice road Truckers, and others having nothing to do with the past. History does tell about the items brought into Rick’s Vegas pawn shop in Pawn Stars and similar channel title obligations on Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.” Zak and the crew show you around the town they’re ghost hunting, briefly.

The only station that I can think of that has changed with their evolution is Spike. If you recall (if you’re old enough) they were TNN, The Nashville Network.

The shows mentioned above, most of them I like and watch but it just seems odd to me.  I know it’s probably about branding and keeping heritage labels but it would seem to make more sense if Viacom, Universal and Turner would blow up the labels and reset?

Just my Wednesday afternoon thoughts.