Today, August 8th is ‘World Cat Day’. Over my lifetime, I have had a number of cats as pets. Right now, our household has two, Thunder and Sweetie.

Thunder is a docile male, fairly quiet and named Thunder for the color of his fur. The shelter named him Cumulus but we didn't like the name and switched it to Thunder. He was born at the Androscoggin Humane Society and we adopted him in the late fall of 2012 at eight weeks old.

We thought Thunder needed a friend, so we went back to the Androscoggin Human Society in the spring of 2013 and looked for a second. After a few trips, we were drawn to another gray cat, named Sweetie. She is slightly more colorful than Thunder but not by much. We brought her home, she is a little feisty even though we kept her name.

We're not certain but from what I understand, Sweetie was a rescue from an animal hoarder in Bangor. We found this maybe the case because she was brought from Bangor around the time of a bust. The vet thought this might be the case.

For the most part the two cats get along although sometimes they jump on each other and growl but that is to be expected. Thunder and Sweetie will greet me at the door as I walk in around 9 pm after work. Sweetie sits in the kitchen windowsill, and Thunder, he crowns the top of the flip-top kitchen garbage can by the door and when I walk in they meow, like they're mad at me.

Sweetie also likes the island and the table frustratingly. Thunder has his spots too, a child's chair and the chaise on the sectional and both cats are window freaks.

Where Thunder is more easy going my biggest temptation with him is to pick him up when he’s sleeping. I know it’s wrong to pick up and hold a sleeping cat but it’s what I do.

Anyway, that’s a little bit about our cats, if you have a cat or two tell them it’s ‘World Cat Day!’