Leaves have been raked, the patio furniture is in or covered, but now what? I bet you're looking ahead to the holidays. It’s here, craft fair season. Christmas is less than two months away, time to start thinking.Over the next almost two months there will be craft fairs all over, in churches, schools and sports arenas. My mother in-law makes some incredible knits including scarves, hats and mittens. She also makes really cool angels out of dishtowels. You can find her at the following locations. The Oak Hill High School craft fair which is on the 3rd of November from 9am to 2pm, on the 10th of November at the Leavitt craft fair which runs 9am-3pm and then on the 16th at a craft fair at Central Maine Medial Center times are 9-4 in the main lobby. At the above mentioned and many other craft fairs, you’ll find a great deal and support local people, the schools, churches and other community venues. Most everything you’d need for gifts and locally made.