Somehow we got talking about chocolate covered bacon at work. SO it being the hottest day of the year I made the decision to try it at home. Gees, it is bacon and chocolate, it cannot be that hard! Well…maybe.

I will admit, I did it with a few short cuts. Since it was hot, I did buy the pre-cooked bacon. Being a million degrees in my house already, I was not cooking up bacon.  Then it was just dark chocolate chips melted in a double-boiler. That was kind of easy.

Overall, the reviews were not too bad.  I need to use better bacon.  I know that going in…a thick cut and cooked crisp.  For the sweet part, I might use dark and milk chocolate.  I would drizzle it on the bacon while it sits on a wire cooling rack.  So the bacon is not so encased in the chocolate.  Really, whoever would have thought of being encased in chocolate as any sort of negative, but I was told the bacon to chocolate ratio was off.

So thank you to the staff at work for you feedback and dipping things in chocolate tips. Your hard work and diligence will make the next round of ‘choco-bacon’ even better. When it is a little cooler I will try again. I am a vegetarian, so I did not try them but I wonder how it would taste with my soy bacon?  Hummm…...