What’s Your Favorite Smell?
Today on the Moose Morning Show, Lisa, Betsy and Tina from Lisa's Restaurant, Bangor Street in Augusta, joined us to talk about their 'Love for Locals' Wednesday night benefit and this Saturday's Master the Putt Challenge for the Augusta Food Bank. Right before they arrived, I as…
New Bacon World Eating Record Set
We had our monthly luncheon today at the station, provided by Lisa's Restaurant & Catering. This month it was 'breakfast for lunch!' Perfect, because that meant bacon and... lots of it! Lisa make the best bacon in town. Always crispy and and tasty.
Mac Dickson’s Brilliant Idea: A Bacon Shirt!
I love bacon. We all love bacon. Well, Alexis used to, now she's a vegetarian...but, that's another story. We probably have a little (Okay, at least a pound at a time) every week. Now, I think I just might have solved one of the biggest problems with bacon...
Bacon Could Be Bad For Sperm Quality
Men, if you are wanting to start a family or maybe if you're not, just a heads up, bacon could be bad for sperm quality as a study from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine says. On the other side of the coin, darker fishes are good for sperm quality.

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