In my younger days, meaning the 80s and early 90s I was a huge Def Leppard fan. I still like the songs from their heyday when I hear them pop on randomly or if I bring a Def Leppard CD into the car but a part of that band died on this day back in 1991.

Steve Clark, one of Def Leppard's guitarists died on this day January 8th back in 1991. I know, he's not John Lennon, Elvis or Kurt Cobain but to me it was shocking to hear, see and read.

I can't remember if I initially read the news of Clark's passing in the paper while working 12 am-8 am at a convenience store back in Halifax or if I was just looking for more information on the story after hearing a bulletin earlier on the radio. It's been 23 years now. Clark died at 30 years old of a drug and alcohol overdose.

Clark didn't try to over perform on record or make the songs about him and his riffs but certainly his style can't be duplicated.