If you read sports columns or watch ESPN, you'll find that there are a few new rules in Major League Baseball this season in an attempt to make the game shorter. 

Here is the story.

I realize that I am getting older and part of the target audience (male, in my 40s) when it comes to sports, which includes baseball. The subtle rule changes in baseball are to make the game more watchable for the younger multi-tasking viewer, but when you change the game too much, you mess with the nuances as well. Some could argue that changes could even mess with players' rhythms and mental preparedness. One rule that has been implemented this year is that the batter has to keep one foot in the batter's box at all times unless he calls for time.

A few other new rules have to do with the PA announcer and time allowed after a commercial break, including the length of time allotted for "walk up" music and have little to do with the play of the game.

I can sit through a three to three and a half hour game unless my team is losing badly, and if that happens, I'm often on to something else regardless of how long the game ends up.

I understand baseball is falling in popularity among the young. I think it has more to do with the broadcast than the game itself. To fix the issues, TV carriers could cheese it up. They could have have younger announcers, flashier commentary and cooler graphics.

Is baseball becoming the new golf? Is that the fear? (I find golf the most boring sport on TV)

What are your thoughts?