Andrew Pelham, a 12-year old, was in the fifth grade when he created the 'EZ Baby Saver.' It's a brilliant and easy way to keep children from being left in hot cars. It's just so tragic when you hear stories of kids being forgotten in locked cars. Andrew was hearing too many stories of incidents and decided to do something about it. Now his website is a viral hit!

'The EZ Baby Saver' is so simplistic, yet perfect. Andrew uses bright neon strap that stops parents in their tracks. When they're getting out of the car, it forces them to stop and ask, "Is anyone still strapped in the back seat?" You can even make your own 'EZ Baby Saver' with rubber bands and duct tape. According to Andrew, "It's a cheap, simple reminder that could save the life of a child."

If you think he's out to make money, you would be wrong, because he provides free instructions and a video tutorial so you can make your own.