Are you watching the NHL playoffs? If not, you’re missing some intensity. Just yesterday alone it wasn’t only about goals and checking, we had fights and nasty hits. This of course is normal but should it be? Basically I'm okay with fighting in hockey and yesterday I loved the way Boston’s Chara tried antagonize Smith from Detroit. Chara is 6’9” and you don’t mess with him or if you do you’re asking for it. I pose the question, are you okay with fighting in hockey and or in other sports?

I go back and forth on fighting in hockey. I find it’s kind of at times like a charade or orchestrated. Sometimes players I feel just get into fights to amp up the crowd or their teammates. Over all I know it is part of the culture in hockey and it’s at times what brings fans to games. There is even a series of videos you can buy called, 'Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Hockey' which was basically a "best of" for hockey fights and as kids we used to watch them. Have times changed?

I just think if hockey players are going to fight it should to be out of frustration or anger like in other sports. Milwaukee and Pittsburgh would be a good example. A Pirates' player hits the ball and watches it in the air as he slowly trots to first and when he sees that’s it is not out of the yard, then throws on the gas. All is well in the video below until he gets to third base, then the benches clear.

I have to ask though why do the benches clear in a baseball game if even an argument between two players develops?

I think we can all agree though that this goes to far. Ron Artest (Meta World Peace) back as a Pacer at a Pistons game back in 2004 goes after fans. What you'll see in the video below was far beyond anything that should be tolerated in major league sports.