So, I showed up Friday at around noon in the doorway of Pittston School with a fistful of Flat Stanleys. Once inside, I was taken to the cafeteria where I thanked the kids for giving us (at 92 Moose) the opportunity to take Flat Stanley on adventures EVERYWHERE! Every child in the school made a Flat Stanley (storybook character) and sent them to me. See, I had lost the first one that a youngster had sent and I begged teacher Kathy Damon to trust me next time they did a project with Stanley.

I'm not sure if she was showing me trust or just assuring that I had enough so at least ONE would make it back in one piece! By the way, the school has 194 students. That's a lot of Flat Stanleys!

After speaking to the kids, I got to make my way from table to table for pictures...the kids and I holding Flat Stanleys in all of them, which you can see in the video below. What a GREAT way to end this project.

A big thank you to our office manager, Amber Bachelder and news director, Renee Nelson. They really took this project to the next level and made it a great memory for all of us and a couple hundred students!

So, thank you Kathy Damon, Shelly Simpson, the retiring principal, and all of the faculty, staff and students who have taken a school project and made it bigger than life! Kudos for making learning so much fun!