The Moose freezer

Normally my wonderful and talented wife cooks a meal before I go to work and when I get home, I either eat the leftovers if there are any or snack on or make something like Kraft Dinner or ramen noodles. Today I had to be at work earlier than normal for a meeting and to do some behind the scenes stuff. So I didn’t get my home-cooking this lunchtime.

On my way into work, I bought a few things at Shaw’s. I love Shaw’s, their specials are awesome, but I always have to make sure I have the reward key card on me. I bought a frozen dinner and a box of Lean Pockets for the day at work. I had the frozen dinner at lunch. It was a Hungry Man ‘Pub Style’ chicken strip meal. I paid $2 and it was OK. I cooked it in the microwave to the best of my ability, the corn was perfect, but the chicken was lukewarm, the dipping sauce was practically boiling and the potatoes were still frozen. Why? Corporations can genetically modify food (not saying it is right, just saying) but they can’t get it so the potatoes are cooked at the same rate as everything else in a frozen meal?

As a nuke-able dish for later,  I bought some Philly steak and cheese lean pockets, also just $2. That’s right, pockets of heat and ice cold bites throughout.

I can’t wait to see what my lovely wife has cooked the kids for dinner. I’ll be hunting the fridge for the leftovers tonight when I get home.

OK, it's time to be positive. What do you like when it comes to frozen entrees or snacks? Any tips on heating meals?