As mentioned in a previous post, we acquired Maine Red Claws tickets for today's game at a discount and we went.  After being cooped up for two days I needed something so to Portland we drove and went. It was just Lynn, myself and the two boys. Vikki stayed with her Aunt and Lynn's Mom.

Doc Rivers Texting

Pretty typical experience at first when we got to Portland. We drove around The Portland Expo to look for free parking. Of course we couldn't find anything at least not near the building so we paid the $5 to park with convenience. Now we're in the expo and not more than five minutes before a security/usher type guy with a head set comes over and asks us if our kids would like to be in a competition for Funtown/Splashtown passes. The boys said yes, we sign the release and wait for their turn to play.

Doc Being Interviewed

Shortly into the second quarter the boys go over to hang with usher-security type to wait for their game which was to come during a time out or some type of stoppage in play. At this time I go down to take pictures of them and catch some of the action on my camera. As I'm waiting for Dylan and Justin to take the court, who do I see? None other than Doc Rivers the coach of your 2008 World Champion Boston Celtics. Until today I didn't know this, but Doc Rivers has a son Jeremiah Rivers who plays for the Red Claws. Maybe I did know but forgot as quickly as I learned. You only retain so much information like that.

Just Because

The boys didn't win the Funtown/Splashtown tickets but had fun on the floor playing for them all the same.

The Veayo Twins did the National Anthem and did a really good job. Wish I had a better picture but they were facing away from me. The Maine Red Claws did a pretty good job as well as they beat the Erie Bayhawks, 102-101!!

The Red Claws Win!