On August 26th it will be our anniversary. I think back to that day and remember how stressed I was, pacing at the back door of the church. Thinking about how thoughtful all of our friends and families were to come and some from as far away as California and the U.K. Yes, through the ups and downs it will be 13 years married on Monday.

Ok, now we’re past the “read more” button I can write more candidly. This year like in past years I’m at a loss on what to get her. Yes, we usually go out to eat but aside from that, I’m curious and need advice. Jewelry of course is a great gift. Maybe I should get her a charm or two for her Chamilia bracelet but I already got her that gift either last year or the year before.

I know I’d like to get us a his and hers spa package for massages and get that thing where they put cucumbers on the eyes, etc. We have kids so a weekend getaway is kind out and besides we’ve already spent too much this summer.

If you look at the traditional anniversary gifts, the 13th anniversary gift it is supposed to be lace. Does this mean I should buy her a doily? The modern gift for the 13th anniversary is a textile fur, but I really can’t see Lynn wearing a fur, real or faux. So I’m looking to you for advice.  Before you say you can make her a gift, you haven't seen my art skills, so no.