The 56th annual Grammy Awards were last night. To get this out of the way first, if you were wondering who I wore, I was in PJ pants endorsed by Mountain Dew and the shirt was thanks to clearance at Kohls. As for the big winners, they were, Macklemore + Ryan Lewis, Pharrell Williams and Maine's Bob Ludwig did pretty well too.

I thought overall the show was well done. Better towards the end, less so out of the gate. The show started off with Beyonce and Jay Z, which normally that would have been a killer duet or "collabo." A husband and wife both being successful but the performance in my eyes it fell short. There is nothing more annoying than a song turned into Swiss cheese because the artists can't revamp the lyrics for live TV. That being said, I thought it was nice that Jay Z was chivalrous walking Beyonce off the stage.

Katy Perry was also an early performer, better last night than when she performed at the American Music Awards back in November. Perry was decent but the theatrical aspect made up for her enhanced singing. Really the funniest part of that performance was the in the introduction where the older English chap, said "Juicy J."

I thought Hunter Hayes did well, same for Kacy Musgraves, then P!nk hit the stage. P!nk made me forget there were performances previously that night. P!nk is a great singer and extremely athletic and strong. Not only physically strong but vocally strong. Assuming she was singing when she lifted her stage partner without a missed or extra breath.

The Grammys seemed to take off after the halftime Pepsi ad. Ringo Starr was great the first time, then very cool to see him behind the drums during Paul McCartney's performance. Loved Sir Paul's piano by the way, very stylish.

Then came what I thought the ugliest moment of the night. It was during the Willie Nelson performance. It wasn't his performance or any of the other old school country stars on stage but it was "ugly" because of some in the audience. It looked to me like there was a bit of disrespect to their elders. I know the industry is all about the hot artist at the moment and the older artists get thrown sometimes into obscurity, but I thought the 20somethings last night, a few anyway, looked like they were laughing while Willie and the others were on stage.

What's left for big moments? Metallica and the Macklemore, Ryan Lewis performances.

Metallica was as Metallica is, rocking. They performed well, I just couldn't get past the smiles and fist pumps. I remember Metallica when they looked and played with angst and you felt it. Last night, it looked like they had become U2 or the Rolling Stones. The band looked to me like less rock and more like they're a corporation. Which of course they are but where's the middle finger to society?

Lastly,  for the Macklemore + Ryann Lewis "Same Love" performance. How about that? Whatever your beliefs are you have to say that was one of the biggest Grammy moments in recent history. Queen Latifah married 32 couples at the Staples Center last night. All that, plus Madonna entered and sang a bit of her song "Celebration" I thought it was a really cool moment in TV history.

As for my picks? I picked 35 out 82 correct. Some picks I got right were by plain luck, some were by educated guesses. I think the big surprise to me was Kacy Musgraves winning for best country album. Favorite fashions, Katy Perry's musical notes dress and Pharrell's hat.

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