It’s that time of year again. Many people will come up with ‘New Years Resolutions’. You know the more popular ones, losing weight, quitting smoking, spend less, etc.

I’ve made them in the past with good intentions of keeping them but I always forget and get wrapped up in life so much they get left back in the beginning of January. I don’t make major resolutions but I try to move my life in a more positive way when I think of it.

I’m a cynical person by nature and I blame that on growing and learning my way in the 90s when everything was supposed to be “real” even though when you try to be real you’re actually being fake. It will make sense when you think about it.

My New Years Resolutions are again; try to be a better person both inside and out. I will try to go with the flow when it doesn’t really matter. Not all others’ ideas need my opinion. I guess better put, "pick your battles." The older I get the more I get like Squidward from Spongebob. That’s not necessary.

My hope for the New Year is to listen more, and not just listen to the words but to the sentiment as well. Less “uh huh, yep and nodding my head” and more internalizing. Sometimes I’m thinking of 100 different things and when someone is talking to me, I'm listening but not taking it in.

Yes my New Years Resolution is to care more about others and not worry about myself so much. We all have problems and stresses and everyone’s are just as important to them as mine are to me.