Here is my ‘Throwback Thursday’ story for today. This one goes back to almost this day in 2010. We as a family in February or March bought Red Sox tickets for a game on April 20, 2010. The seats were okay but it was more about bringing my boys to see Boston play at Fenway Park. To enjoy the carnival atmosphere, the smell of the food and those now haunting words "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Fenway Park."

This was also going to be my attempt to make Justin my eight year old at the time a Red Sox fan and get him out of being a Yankees fan. Never-the-less it didn’t work but we still had a great time at the game.

Originally we were going to drive down to Boston, park and just see the game and come home the same night but we were able to get airline tickets from Augusta to Boston so instead of just going to the game we decided to spend the the better part of two days in Boston and walk around the city as well.

We booked a night at the Comfort Inn in Revere which was kind of inconvenient but the place was nice and really inexpensive. I say inconvenient because every time we left the hotel to got to Boston we had to take the shuttle to Logan and from Logan get on the subway (‘T’) to get to town.

Up until this point the kids hadn’t flown so we were just as excited to fly as we were to go to the game. I will admit I hadn’t been on a plane since I was a kid up until then so I was very nervous but I wasn’t letting on because I didn’t want spook the boys where it was their very first plane ride.

The flight to Logan took about 40 minutes if that. We were pretty close to the only passengers but it was great fun.

Before the game on the 20th of April, we walked Quincy Market, Boston Common and the surrounding areas, did a bit of shopping and ate a place called Fire & Ice. Very inexpensive and all you can eat. Basically Fire & Ice is a raw food buffet. You pick out your food and the cooks cook it right in front of you. I think for a family of four we only spent $40.

After a late lunch or early dinner as it was 4 pm to 5 pm when we ate we decided to hit Fenway Park via the ‘T’. We get to Yawkey Way and go through the stores where we ended up buying a Mr. Potato Head Red Sox player which with the mustache looked a bit like Jerry Remy.

We go to our seats but not before walking through the underbelly of the ballpark where the food and souvenir venders are all lined up.

Our seats were in the last row near the Gulf sign with the Green Monster on our left over looking left field. The Sox did win that game against Texas thanks to memorable home run by Darnell McDonald.

As the game let out we hit the ‘T’ for the ride back to the airport to catch the shuttle to get back to our hotel room in Revere.

We eventually get to our room and turn on the news to see a horrific sight of the oil rig that essentially blew up in the Gulf of Mexico. Yes it was the same night of the BP disaster.

The next morning we do a little more sightseeing then it was to Logan for the flight back to Augusta.

Quite a whirlwind 30 something hour getaway but one I will never forget.