With the start of ‘The Bachelor’ over the weekend and ‘American Idol’ set to begin later this month and a whole slew of other reality shows beginning or ending soon. I ask, what reality show would you audition for?

I’m thinking the reality show me would be ‘Big Brother’. I haven’t ever auditioned so I probably won’t for future seasons but that would be about the only show I could probably handle.

I’m too afraid of heights and get grossed out by weird foods so I don’t think I could do ‘The Amazing Race’ but love the scavenger hunt aspect of the show.

I’m married so the dating shows are out and I’m too old for 'Real World' so it’s back to basically ‘Big Brother’ or maybe 'The Apprentice'.

Yes, 'American Idol' is back on January 15, 2013. Jennifer Lopez is back along with Keith Urban and the newly added Harry Connick Jr. Only three judges this year.