In a recent pizza competition in Italy, the winner of the world’s best pizza came out of Melbourne, Australia. The winner of the title of World's Best went to Chef Johnny Di Francesco the owner of a restaurant called 400 Gradi.

If I were to ask you what local restaurant makes the best pizza who would you pick? Aside from my wife who makes an amazing homemade pizza there are a few places I'll give props to including, Cappza's. Cappza’s is certainly up there as one of my favorites and certainly my favorite I've had in Waterville.

For Augusta, of the places I’ve tried, Al’s Pizza is very good as is College Carry-Out.

Where I live in Auburn I've tried more places in that area, I like Pizza Market on the corner of Lake and Park Ave. and Heathco’s on Court St. I haven’t been to Lewiston House of Pizza in some time but they were always good. I really want to try Stephen's at Roopers on Main St., a place called 84 Court St. and that new pizza joint Angelo's on Sabattus St. in Lewiston across from St. Mary's Medical Center.

For chain pizza, Pat’s and Papa John's are my two overall favorites but I don’t mind Domino's and in a pinch on the cheap Little Caesars is a great deal for your money. It tastes good and their Hot & Ready pizzas are only $5.