Right now throughout Maine, it's time for kindergarten registration. Vikki isn't at that age yet, but in two years, it will be time to start filling out the paperwork for pre-K. Crazy how time flies. Today at Park Avenue Elementary as Lynn and I walked in for their bi-monthly Wednesday parent-student assembly, known as "Morning Sing," I saw one of the kindergarten teachers doing kindergarten sign ups and what looked to be a meet and greet with the parents.

It really hit me this morning. The teachers let Vikki basically do what she wants during the gathering. If she goes on the stage, it's alright. Vikki travels through the hundreds of students sitting on the gym floor. Everyone smiles at Vikki, loves her antics and the Park Ave. staff are always giving sweet comments and talking to Vikki directly.

Now for the sad part, Justin is grandfathered at Park Ave. We moved last year, so we're now technically out of the district and Vikki won't be able to go to Park Ave. I know Fairview is a great school, but Vikki not having Mrs. Fecteau is just hard to take after she taught both boys in kindergarten.

Justin still has sixth grade next year before we have to say goodbye, but with the nice weather, summer coming and kindergarten registration, it makes a parent think.