On November 1st the Maine Turnpike Authority will be upping their tolls. Today is however, Boycott Maine Turnpike Day. I travel everyday from Auburn to Augusta and back so this toll increase is something that affects me. I really don't use the Turnpike much, I do once in awhile if I'm over by the ramp in Lewiston doing something on my way to work. I'll hop on to save time over heading either through Lisbon to Rt 9 or back to Main St. Lewiston to go east on Rt 202. The West Gardiner toll is going from $1.25 to $1.75, an increase of 50 cents. We'll whine and complain but in the end, we'll all deal and continue to use. I do however use the Pike starting in Portland going south. No I will not be on the Pike today as I rarely ever am, but do I sympathize with the frustration of the toll increase. The last guy Paul Violette to run the Maine Turnpike Authority skimmed  (allegedly) boat loads of revenue for gift cards, trips and other goodies for clients and so on. To me it feels like we as drivers are paying for the bilking of another, again, alleged bilking.  Enjoy 95, or not, just know at the same time you have the option to not take the Maine Turnpike.