As you may see every once in a while, there are national days dedicated to certain things. Sometimes these days of dedication can be funny or obtuse and often out of left field. Today is ‘National Saxophone Day.’

I mention it because my 10 year old son Justin plays the saxophone in band at school. I have no idea how he sounds because he won’t play at home. I will be wowed like all of the other parents at an upcoming school concert.

Justin came home after a band demo-day at school a few weeks back and told us he wanted to play the sax. So like good parents, we went looking for a sax. My wife has a friend who had one and sold it to us. We had to get it fixed up a bit due to lack of play, but all in all a great deal. If you were in our house you’d know the humor in this, as Justin is and has always been a sports nut. He likes basketball, tossing a baseball and football, but music? I do think it’s very cool. My oldest, Dylan plays trumpet in the Auburn Middle School band. He too doesn’t play at home. So we’ll have to wait to hear him as well.

I can tie the saxophone in to a presidential election campaign, so it's relevant in more than one way. President Bill Clinton played the saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show when Clinton was a candidate in 1992. So enjoy some Clarence Clemons or Kenny G. tonight as you watch the results pour in. Me, I’ll have to wait for Justin’s Holiday concert at Park Avenue Elementary School.