As I continue to write profiles of "Maine Girls with Guns" and post incessantly about it on my Facebook page, it dawns on me that if people from our corporate office are reading these, and I'm pretty sure they do, they're wondering, "is Jon James gun crazy?" Short answer, yes. Yes I am.

Mind you gun crazy and going crazy with a gun are two different things. I just happen to love firearms and shooting and, more recently, promoting women in the sport via In fact, even here, I'm going to help young and first time shooters out as it is a big part of life here in Maine! For me, with anyone, especially kids, respect for firearms and safety are key!

Here's my advice. If you're new to shooting pistols or you want to teach your kids, a .22 caliber is about the best you're going to do. My handgun of choice is the Ruger SR-22. It's small, perfect for just about anyone with changeable grips and there's little or no recoil (kick). They even come in pretty colors like pink and purple! Oh, and they're, comparatively, very inexpensive to shoot!

This target was shot with that gun from about 10 yards. Not a bad group if I do say so and even a bullseye.

Yes, I'm a gun nut. Guns have always been a part of my life (hunting at 13). Although I don't hunt anymore, I love to shoot and I love nothing more than the small of gunpowder!

Good group (fairly close together)...and my bullseye was dead center!