Ever since I was just a young lad, one of my favorite things to do (as far as household chores go) is vacuum. I know, sounds kind of foolish, right? There's just something about the smell of hot fresh vacuum exhaust and those evenly distributed baseball field-looking lines in the carpet that just drive me wild! Of course living in a house of 3 including 2 cats and an oversized Great Dane, there is always SOMETHING that needs to be cleaned. My wife, Keri does a lot of the more tedious attention to detail kind of cleaning, and I handle the dished and the vacuuming. But I take pride in my vacuuming.

Ya know what really grinds my gears? When I get my perfectly straight and meticulous lines in the rug and then someone walks aggressively all over them screwing them up. Like, seriously?! Can't you just NOT walk on the carpet right now? I mean, let me enjoy my masterpiece for a bit...

I was visiting my parents this weekend and I came to find that their Kirby of over 2 decades had finally s**t the proverbial bed.. may it rest in peace. However, to replace it, they bought a brand new, state-of-the-art Dyson Ball upright vacuum. Naturally the first thing I did was plug the bad larry in and give er' a whirl. Wow, that thing friggin' sucks! When you're attempting to vacuum the rug in front of the sink, the hose picks the whole rug right off the ground... whoa.

Now, I'm on a quest... a vacuum quest. I have to have a Dyson Ball. I have a really great vacuum now, but it's not a Dyson.. I must own one! What do you use for a cuum'? Have you or do you own a Dyson? Is it worth it or am I just crazy?