Gee, maybe I made that sound a little harsh with the headline? Well, either way, it's true!

My boy Evan had his tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday. This has been done in an attempt to prevent all the excessive coughing he does when he gets sick and the seasons change. People, my sister included, have often told me that Evan is an "old soul", and it couldn't have been clearer to me yesterday.

As he lay in his pre-op bed and we listened to other children crying and worrying about their surgical procedures, my Evan just laid there and talked with his Doctor and the Anesthesia team about his operation. He even signed his own medical release form... (so did I) He wasn't nervous, he wasn't anxious and most of all he wasn't  scared. He was more concerned with his baby brother 15 miles south at the other hospital.

I'm not sure what I did so right in my life to have a child like Evan, but I'm glad I did it. Children are the biggest blessing we will ever have- a gift from God. Maybe your children are older now, moved out perhaps. Call them up...go visit.. say I love you... say "you blessed me", for I know that's what Evan has done for me.