I am talking about real mice. The kind you don't want in your house. Researchers have seen some strong evidence that mice can change the pitch of their sounds to match other mice around them. They may also be able to learn like birds or humans how to do that! And it's all about the ladies!

Mice seem much like many other animals, most of this has to do with attracting females.  Male mice can sing complex songs when they are courting female mice.  When there are two males and a female in a cage together, the the smaller male will typically change his tone to match that of the bigger male.  It is called vocal learning, and not many animals can do it, like some birds,whales, dolphins, sea lions, bats and elephants.  Early research found the mice have the type of brain behavior consistent with vocal learning. I like mice, they are cute and all, but fair warning. Singing or not, stay out of my house.  If I find you Mr. Mouse, you are not going to be singing to anyone for very long.