Tomorrow starts and adventure for my niece, Rebecca. She is leaving for a town in northeastern France to teach English to high school students for this school year. Lucky girl! The only way I could be happier for her was if she were packing me in her suitcase and taking me with her. I am so proud of her. This will be her second time living in France. She did a semester in college in Paris. The little world traveler also did a summer program at the University of Fes in Morocco.

Rebecca has traveled a lot with her Mom and brother, John! So she is no strange to new places, but it is different doing it alone. Jeez, moving anywhere alone can be a little scary and exciting, let alone another continent. Have a great time Miss Rebecca. But you know the best thing about having family that lives in other places? Going to visit family in those faraway places! I am hoping there is a trip to France in my future.

Rebecca, like the rest of my family, is not biologically my family. I am an only child, so I don't have a big family in that regard. But one of the upsides as an only child is making your own family. Each one gets handpicked!  I am proud to have Rebecca on that list.