Thanks for all of your suggestions on topics through my Facebook page  asking  for my takes or opinions on everything from troops stationed overseas to Star Wars vs. Star Trek to pet neglect. It was a hard decision. I think I'll take on the subject of pet neglect.

Craig suggested, "Proper treatment of dogs, having them chained to a pole or windows rolled up in the car etc....."

Let's start with the issue of dogs being tied up on a pole just for convenience and not being allowed in the house. I am not anti-dog by any means and not a dog owner, so my opinion on this comes from an abstract mind, but here it goes.

I am not a dog owner for a few reasons. We have a small child and I can see a dog, especially a mid-to larger sized dog, possible attacking her. Number two is... well, number 2. Yes, my reasons are admittedly out of laziness, or maybe we're "too busy."

I applaud dog owners who allow their dogs free rein throughout the house, walk them and pick up after them, etc.

What about leaving a dog in a parked car while shopping during the hot summer months?  Leave your pet at home, would be my first thought, but then again I'm not a dog owner. There have to be reasons people take their dogs for rides that aren't doggie related. Obviously, hydration and ventilation are key during the summer.

What if you see an animal in a parking lot locked in a hot car? That's not neglect, that's abuse. I would immediately take my concerns to a clerk or the head of the store.

If you can't handle the responsibility of a dog, then I'd say, "Don't get a dog."