Jeff Gross, Getty Images

The NHL Lockout is over and the season starts in less than two weeks. I am excited about the 48-50 game schedule like I was last year with the NBA shortened season. I don’t blame players and owners for feuding over money and leverage but what seems outrageous to me is how long it took to get a deal done.

It still seemed to me to come down to petty differences and not wanting to give up anything. As my daughter says all of the time, “mine!” The players and owners know we’ll all be back watching the games at the arena or on TV. The sponsors will return and we’ll all forget about the lost 30 games. That's the power of entertainment. If you want to voice your dissatisfaction, don’t buy the merchandise and don't go the games. I for one am happy that the Bruins are back. I am just irritated it took so long to come to an agreement.

The Bruins schedule is confusing. The latest I've heard is the Bruins start the season in Montreal on January 19th but the schedule makes it look as though they begin on the 15th.