Wow...I can't believe I actually pulled off a headline parody! The title of this story is a reference to an old Donna Summer/Barbara Streisand song. You probably don't even remember it but I'm kind of proud of myself for coming up with it! But, I digress....

Here's the takeaway form this post. Kids don't HAVE to be bullied and Master Crisci (The "Bully Buster") will give kids (of any age) some tools to help them make sure they don't become victims.

The free courses will be held on the First Wednesday of September, October and November. The key to this instruction is to alleviate bullying situations non-violently. We'll talk with Brent about the program tomorrow on the Moose Morning Show.

The courses will be held at United Martial Arts Academies location at 108 Mt. Vernon Avenue in Augusta beginning at 6pm. If you'd like more information, call 621-0770!