Today, October 17th is  'National Pasta Day.' Who doesn't love pasta? It's easy enough to cook and pretty much goes with anything. At our house we have spaghetti about once a week. OK, it may not be actual spaghetti, but some sort of pasta, sauce and hamburg. Maybe extras thrown in too if the kids will permit.

I also love a good chicken Alfredo! How about a chicken or shrimp scampi? That too is amazing.  I know that Alfredo and scampi are more about the sauce than the noodles but I love them.

Lasagne or is it lasagna, either way, that's always a good time as well. I do have a few hang ups when it comes to lasagne, I don't like crunchy noodles, so I often stay away from the edge slices and it can't have cottage cheese or spinach.

What's the pasta with the cheese inside? Sometimes we buy that frozen in a bag from BJ's. I even still as a adult like Kraft Dinner which by no means is gourmet or says anything about maturity but I'll make it every so often when I get home from work.

What are your favorite pasta dishes?