You may have heard we have a little winter weather on the way. Ok, we have a blizzard on the way for New England. Enjoy and be safe in the snow. Here are a few little things to remember as you enjoy the storm.

I have to tell you, the windshield wipers are not "snow plows".  Take the snow off your windshield yourself. If not, you just may be buying a new motor for you wipers on your car.

Oh and take the snow off the roof and rest of the windows. You need to see out and all that snow on the top can be a danger to the car behind you, if it comes flying off in a big chunk.

Don't tailgate the car or truck in front of you and slow down in snow. Odds are IF you drive with a little caution you will be OK out on the roads.

Take it easy when you shovel. It can be very easy to over do when shoveling snow. You might want to go out and shovel a few times during the storm   It might be easier to manage than waiting until it's all over and you are facing a driveway FULL of snow.