Every month we have our team luncheon and today we did just that. Usually it has some sort of a theme often coinciding with a holiday. The food as always was incredible.

I have to thank Lisa’s on Bangor St. in Augusta for catering it every month. In the spread, prime rib, seafood Alfredo, veggies, mashed potatoes with a great dessert and salad. Today with the luncheon we had our “Yankee gift swap” day or as some would rather call it a 'Red Sox' gift swap.

Those who wanted to participate brought in a gift and you probably know the drill. You draw numbers, #1 goes first and picks a gif. If you like it you keep it. If you don’t, you trade it for another person’s gift, etc. I always feel bad for trading because someone took the time to make a gift only for it to be handed off to someone else. I felt bad anyway. I really hope who ever got it was happy. I bet it made whoever made it and brought it in, happy to be appreciated by the recipient.

In other news, Matt James won 'Employee of the Month.' He rolled in and was pretty stoked about it. He deserves it with everything he’s now doing with Shenanigans on Water St. Augusta.

The gathering was all very sobering at the same time. It was hard to celebrate knowing about what just happened in Newtown, Connecticut. We all took a moment out to send our thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims and to the children who are and will probably be traumatized for the rest of their lives. Many local children went back to school today, after yesterday being a storm day, for the first time since the tragedy. I bet for some it took a lot of courage. May all of the innocent victims rest in peace.