Augusta East Redevelopment Corporation, headed by developer Kevin Mattson, has purchased the current Maine General Medical Center property on Augusta's east side for $2.5 million. That's a wicked lotta dollars, huh?

What's cool about this is, Mattson and his team will be charging the hospital what amounts to a million dollars a year to rent the current building while they await completion of their new regional medical center on the Old Belgrade Road, which is due to happen this November. What's not cool is, the hospital will have to make money to pay both their rent and the mortgage on the new facility. That could mean the cost of a Tylenol tablet for inpatients may increase to just over $700. But that's only my speculation.

What do you think the old property should be used for once it's closed? Mattson and his partners would love to hear your ideas! Hear Kev's message to you below.