A Nashua, New Hampshire school does not allow the game 'Tag' on the school yard because it violates their school’s “no-contact” policy.  Not to worry, 'Tag' is allowed on the Auburn and Lewiston school yards so long as it is played responsibly.  Do you remember the games you used to play in elementary school?

You the reader may be a little younger than me or maybe not, but either way you remember elementary school yard games, right?

We played a game called, 'Headhunter.' This where everyone but one lines up against the school wall on the playground.  The one person who doesn't is “it” and they’re the one who whips a tennis ball at the kids in the line against the wall. Last one remaining that doesn't get hit gets to throw the ball as the game resets. Would this game be allowed now? Probably not.

We also played a game called 'King of The Castle.' This was a game during winter where a student would be on top of a snow bank and the others tried to de-throne him or her by pushing them off.

Not sure if this was common but I remember in second grade some of the girls would chase the boys and try to kiss them because they knew the boys wouldn’t like it.

There was another game we called 'Red Rover' where I think some arms got broken. No arms were ever broken but just to give you an idea that we were rougher as kids than today’s youth I think?

We also used to play a game called 'British Bull Dog.' If I recall it was sort of like tackle 'Tag.'

Of course we played 'Kickball' which I grew up calling 'Soccer Baseball' and other traditional school yard games but I can’t believe 'Tag' is not allowed in Nashua, New Hampshire.