Pharrell Williams

Dr. Dre Tops Forbes 2014 Hip-Hop Cash Kings List
The Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings List each year takes a look at the elite group of artists that earn the distinguish of being the highest earners in the genre. This year, the winner that came out on top was Dr. Dre, who easily beat second place finisher Jay Z by a whopping $560 million!
NBC’s ‘The Voice’ Returns
So it starts again, the seventh season of ‘The Voice’. I’ll admit back in season one, I didn’t think it’d be back for a second, but I was wrong. Even stranger, over the years it has turned into probably my favorite singing complet…
New Weird Al, “Tacky” – Enjoy!
You know you have a real hit on your hands when Weird Al comes along and asks to do your song in a parody. What song has been bigger this year so far than "Happy" by Pharrell Williams? Guess what, Weird Al does his take and comes up with "Tacky!" Guess the famous …
Bangor, Maine Gets ‘Happy’
Bangor had done their version of Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ with a video shot all around Bangor. I grew up in Bangor and found a few things that made me smile. There were the can-can girls, roller derby and monk with a teddy bear!  There was even a clip from my old school, …

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