Do You Ever Let Your Kids win Games?
Every morning Vikki and I hang out, sometimes we do puzzles and sometimes we play games, like Memory, her Minnie Mouse game or maybe Connect Four. We always have fun and she always wins. Is it alright to let a three-year-old win most of the time?
Parenting Has Changed Since the 70s and 80s
A Silver Spring, Maryland couple are in hot water for letting their kids walk home from the playground one Saturday afternoon last month. The walk was about a mile and the children are 10 and 6 and 1/2. Do you think this was OK, or do you think it's worth the stink?
Badly Behaved Children in Stores – Thoughts
Here is a topic of discussion; I use this story just as inspiration. Violence is obviously never the answer when confrontations occur but in essence this story involves an unruly child shopping with their parent. It is something we've all had to deal with in one way or another.

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