Today and many last night were out and about standing in lines trying to get that great advertised deal. Probably many of you reading this were in line at Best Buy, Walmart, Kohl's or somewhere else at midnight. Hope you got some if not all of what you wanted to get.

While looking over the flyers yesterday I was reminded of a publication that Sears used to roll out every year, The Christmas Wish Book. It was a catalog full of clothes, general merchandise and most importantly for me at the time, toys. Every year in the fall as a child it would be delivered and my sister and I would circle items and hope Santa Claus would listen, like and bring.

I'm referring to the early 1980s but the catalog had been around since 1933. Sadly in the U.S., the catalog was discontinued in 1993 and all catalogs from Sears were gone by 2005. I haven't done research but I'm guessing it was dissolved because of the advent of on-line shopping and the cost of printing the book. In Canada it's still published and I assume still something kids look forward to every September.