Empire State Building
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

On this date back in 1931, the Empire State Building opened. It was either May 1st or 2nd of 1987 we went to the skyscraper’s observation deck on a class trip. That 9th grade class trip went from April 29 through May 9th and would have taken us two to three days to get to New York, but anyway it was fun.

I wish I still had the pictures. I guess even if I did they would be on 35mm film so the definition would be very low, and considering we went up at night those pictures couldn't be very good to say the least by today's standards.

One of my favorite movies in one part takes place on the Empire State Building. No it’s not ‘King Kong’ or ‘An Affair To Remember’ it’s ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

The Empire State Building before 1972 and since 2001 was and has been the tallest structure in New York City soon to change upon the finishing of the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) at the old Trade Center locations.

I would love to go back and show my kids. The city view is incredible from 86 floors up.