What a difference a decade makes. Ten years the Red Sox hadn't won a World Series in 86 years. Ten years ago in the American League Championship series (ALCS) against the Yankees many thought then Red Sox manager, Grady Little left Boston ace Pedro Martinez in too long in game 7. It was 10 years ago Aaron Boone took Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield out with that walk-off in extras and it was that same ALCS that Pedro Martinez took down Yankees' bench coach Don Zimmer.

To me, that 2003 ALCS was one of the more dramatic and memorable Red Sox series. The only one that I remember better is the 2004 ALCS coming back against the Yankees from 0-3 in the best of 7. Just think none of that worry about a curse or choking matters now as the Red Sox are back in the World Series again against the Cardinals like in 2004 with hopefully the same result. Very well could be three World Series championship titles in nine years.

There is the power of the beards and the will and desire to win.

Whatever happens in the next two weeks just know that since 2000 no team has won three World Series championships and the Red Sox could be the first. Also know, since 2004 the Red Sox have been the Yankees Daddies.