I'm talking to the 40 years olds in this post or the parents of today. There are a lot of differences between today and the days of our youth, but I'm referring more specifically as to how we present ourselves. I can't speak for all of our generation but I think I can speak for many. We were young as well, we partied, sometimes too much maybe even got in a bit of trouble for it by our "'rents." I just wonder why anyone didn't seemingly take photos? Where are the pictures of our wild and crazy times? I can't tell you how many pictures I see in my feed of 20 somethings holding up a solo cups, giving the 'rock horns' ala Bret Michaels, shouting "whoa!" with their ball caps to the back, etc. Again, we were like that too but seems there is no proof.

I've often wondered how I'd feel if I woke up one morning to check my Facebook feed to see a dozen tagged photos of me being crazy from my teens or early 20s. I would probably laugh and get nostalgic and keep the tags because that's just who I am. I would love to know how you would take it or if this has happened to you. Would you celebrate the pictures and add to the story or would you cringe and un-tag, assuming the pics weren't too over the top?

I will say this, we as party animals, never gave the camera 'duck face' or a booty bump pose.