We have Kool Aid, instant coffee and instant milk, but on the horizon could be powdered alcohol under the brand, Palcohol. I'm of two minds on this.

As I write this, I'm a bit in awe and surprised that a government agency would initially approve this product in today's society. On the other hand we can all read package directions and really all it is, is a mix for water.

These powdered beverages would come in different flavors and as different drinks, for example, mojitos, and cosmopolitans. I can't see these drinks after being mixed being as good as in their original forms, but can see these drinks being smuggled in at movie theaters and festivals and events.

Teens are known for being daring, I can see it being snorted and alcohol poisoning. Here again that's nothing different than what's happening now.

The product still has snags before it moves further but what do you think? Much ado about nothing or does it concern you?