Michael Jackson died back on June 25, 2009, but here comes a new album entitled ‘Xscape’ which will be made up of unreleased music and will be out next month.

For full disclosure the last Michael Jackson album I bought I think was ‘Bad’ and the last song I purchased as a single was “Black or White” so basically I haven’t really been into Michael Jackson since the early 90s.

At times I find it damaging to the soul slightly when labels and owners of the rights and whoever in charge of music of an artist who has died puts out albums of unreleased songs and current production.

I’m okay with if the albums are commemorative or of concerts already recorded after an artist's death, but to create a new album in hopes of getting airplay and hitting #1 on the chartsis  a bit off putting.

Enough about me, Michael Jackson was a force to be reckoned with and was an amazing talent. All of that being said, my question is would you buy this new record?

Michael Jackson isn’t the only artist to have new music released after their death, Tupac, certainly did and John Lennon come to mind but in the case of John Lennon I believe ‘Double Fantasy' was mostly recorded and ready for release before his death.