Wow, what a surprise, David Letterman is retiring. For over the past 30 years Letterman has been a staple in late night television.

I can remember in his early NBC days staying up late in my room catching him after Johnny Carson on my little black and white 13” TV.

Who remembers his Top 10 coming from “the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska or Scotsdale, Arizona?”

His NBC show was much zanier than his CBS telecast. I distinctly remember getting Letterman’s jokes as a teen while most of Carson’s stuff went over my head. A couple of Letterman’s gags at NBC were to give away canned hams and harass drive thru customers at the window at fast food restaurants.

From his CBS days, my favorite bits I think were, “Putting Away the Late Show Bear”, “Is This Anything” and “CBS Mailbag.” Another favorite was always, “Know Your Current Events.”

David Letterman by far has been over the years my favorite late night host.

I wish him well in retirement or in his next adventure.