I've always been a massive history geek.  And, while I'll read (or watch documentaries) about any time period, the turn of the last century has always fascinated me.   I'm talking about the time period from 1875 to about 1915.  Why that time period?  Because, in the span of a few decades technology changed so much!

People went from relying on sunlight and moonlight, to using gas (or oil) lamps, to using electric lights.  We went from traveling on wagons, to traveling on trains, to driving cars and flying.  People went from communicating through telegraph to using the the phone.

Also, it's wild to see how much life has changed since then.  For example, back in the early to mid 20th century, Augusta was home to dozens of neighborhood grocery stores.  Supposedly, at one point, there were 60 of these grocers spread across the city.  Back then, before we drove everywhere, it made sense.  Now that everyone has a vehicle, having a few big grocery stores makes more sense.

Many of the following photographs are from postcards that came from the Augusta edition of a series of  history books of postcards.  You can find out more about the book, and author Roger Madore, on his Facebook page.


This video has even more amazing pictures showing what Maine's Capital City was like around the turn of the last century.



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