According to the Maine Department of Public Safety, a crash occurred early Wednesday morning near mile marker 40 in the Southbound lanes of Interstate 95 in Scarborough.

Emergency officials responded to reports of the crash at 12:51 AM on Wednesday. When they arrived on scene they found that the driver, 23-year-old Jordan Andujar of Windham, Maine, had struck a moose and was then sent into a tractor trailer truck that was passing by.

The Maine State Police report that Andujar had two other occupants in the vehicle as well and that all three of them were transported to Portland's Maine Medical Center with injuries that were classified as non-life-threatening.

The press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety, penned by spokeswoman Shannon Moss, goes on to say that May and June are the months that Maine sees the highest number of car v. moose crashes and urges everyone to drive with extra caution this time of year.

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Additionally, the Maine Department of Transportation reminds drivers that moose collisions are harder to avoid because of their dark color and non-reflective eyeballs. Drivers should always use caution, especially at night, and should always pay mindful attention to signs that warn them of increased moose collisions in certain areas.

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